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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Medium... Well Done -- Today's post is a brief respite from the usual message of this page in order to point you to stuff about it's medium -- the weblog. There was a conference in Boston this weekend that I wish I could have attended in person, but that was well reported on the web, including official and unofficial webcasts which allowed me to "attend" from the discomfort of my too familiar office. The focus of BloggerCon was the medium of weblogs, where they're at (in politics, journalism, business, community-building, collaborative activity, ...) and where they're going. Attended by some of the "stars" of the medium (they would cringe at that designation, as well as those of us interested in communication about the things about which we care, many of them offered their own commentary and reportage on the event. If you are at all interested in this blogging thing, check out the following links.
Dave Weinberger reported that "Chris Lydon wonders whether blogging reflects social reality which consists of individuals with complex ideas and resistant to labels.".
That's a category that I would be proud to be included in.
Doc Searls has a good summary of highlights for both days, through which I found Heath Row's amazing live notes of the conference for both Saturday and Sunday.
That's a wealth of reportage on the subject that puts to shame what I recently tried to do with my PMI Congress postings. Someone claims that Heath is a twelve-fingered typist.
My never-met, physically-just-up-the-road neighbor here in NJ, Jeff Jarvis, talks about meeting someone he considers famous...the modest Dan Bricklin, who "got to talk about the future of these tools and all they need to do. He wants to be able to place and edit photos and edit text fluidly. It will take millions of dollars in development, he says. But it could be done in open-source..."
Regarding Dan's fame, you do know the significance of something called VisiCalc, don't you?
By the way, Bricklin posted some photos from the event.
(Scroll down a bit if you check out these pics. At least Apple has the lions' share of the market for the blogarati...look at all those PowerBooks!!! -- I would have fit right in.)
Esther Dyson even chimes in...
"The first magic of blogging, of course, is that everyone can self-publish. Everyone has a voice. The tools makes that possible. But the next magic, much harder to achieve, is that everyone wants to be listened to... In the blogosphere, there's no shortage of airtime, but there's still a shortage of attention. That is, there's an attention divide: the candidates who get too much and give too little... and the rest, who even en masse don't have enough to give to satisfy all the world's publishers, marketers and would-be stars, and who crave just a little for themselves."
Who? Me? Crave attention? Maybe a little, inasmuch as attention is one way of attracting business, but I hope that the people who come to this weblog -- along with its non-business counterpart, or subscribe to my RSS/XML feeds, come to see me as a trusted advisor, pointing the way not only through my own developing thoughts, but more importantly, to the thoughts of others worth listening to more than myself.

Blogs are links.

Blogs are comments.

Blogs are communication of ideas and collaboration for their development.

I'm just throwing my 2 cents into the pot for the taking by anyone who wants to take it and run with it.

...or to hire me to help them run with it.    

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