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Unconstrained Thinking

In 2000, Frank Patrick started providing a brief newsletter column to local New Jersey APICS chapters, under the heading "Unconstrained Thinking." Anyone who runs such a newsletter for their professional society (such as ASQ and IIE, as well as APICS) is invited to use them, as long as they drop Frank an email letting him know of their intentions. Titles to date include:

Walk the Squawk (#23)
- Consistent leadership for intended consequences.

Stop the (end of quarter) Madness (#22)
- Let the market pull you, but don't pull forward.

(Bench)Marketing (#21)
- Benchmark your customers, not your competitors

Devils and Angels (#20)
- In the details and architecture

Make Mountains of Molehills (#19)
- And the molehills with take care of themselves

A Political Process (#18)
- You can't do it alone

Joy to the Work (#17)
- An important necessary condition

Shooting From the Hip (#16)
- Only to hit your foot

A Route to Roots (#15)
- Beyond the fishbone for root cause analysis

Strategy for the Masses (#14)
- Simplified strategic thinking; structured, but unconstrained

If You Fail to Plan . . . (#13)
- You can plan to fail -- a conversation

Jumbo Shrimp at Work (#12)
- Oxymoronic management ideas

Avoiding Disappointment (#11)
- The roots of failed improvement programs

A Goal for Our Time (#10)
- A 60-year old response to September 11, 2001

Stuck in the PIT (#9)
- Pushing 10 pounds of ? through a 5-pound pipe

Ax or Slack? (#8)
- Rebuilding with an ax and cattle prod???

Break Rules to Make Rules (#7)
- Don't let the old rules rule your new world.

Weakness as Strength (#6)
- What is limiting your strength?

(Bench)Marking Time (#5)
- Will others' solutions really apply to you?

Less is More (#4)
- Accomplish more by doing less

Process Mis-Management (#3)
- By thinking local

Accentuate the Negative (#2)
- For positive results

The Leverage Point (#1)
- Don't settle for nickel-and-dime improvements

If you believe everything you read, better not read. - Japanese Proverb

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