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Francis S. "Frank" Patrick

Frank Patrick (I) was founder and principal consultant of Focused Performance, a management consulting, facilitation, and training resource described and based on the principles discussed in this web site.

I've since moved back into the world of regular paychecks and group health insurance and currently hold the position of Director of Project and Process Management at DigitalGrit, Inc., an online marketing and web development firm in Northern New Jersey.

For almost 30 years, my experience evolved from a core in Industrial Engineering through Total Quality Management and Business Process Re-engineering, and finally to the Theory of Constraints. Prior to founding Focused Performance, corporate life carried me from the shop floor to executive boardrooms through Fortune 100 organizations in food (Nabisco), drugs (Johnson & Johnson), cosmetics (Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz, then a division of Squibb), and telecommunications (AT&T/Lucent Technologies), where I was exposed to issues and concerns of smaller organizations, as well, in manufacturing, packaging, banking, and research.

While no longer an active consulting practice, Focused Performance, it lives on in this website as a source for those interested in management in general and in the application of the Theory of Constraints in specific.

2002 - A bit more gray, but still smiling.


1996, upon launch of Focused Performance

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