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Friday, May 22, 2009

Creator vs. and Revisor -- OK. I'll admit it. As a project manager for creative endeavors, concerned with keeping the effort moving toward promised delivery dates, there's the occasional frustration with multiple reviews and revisions impinging on the schedule. Sometimes (?), even after the one or two or three contracted revisions and "final approval" has been granted, there's someone else who has a better (or maybe just their own) idea for a minor tweak to a few words or to the position or color of an image on a website.

Or sometimes, during the original production of the deliverable, the original copywriter or designer is of the perfectionist bent. Where I see output that is "good enough", the "creator" has changed role to become "revisor", as described in a recent Engines of Our Ingenuity podcast (transcript)...
"There’s a scene towards the end of the 1984 movie Amadeus where an impresario demands that Mozart finish the opera he promised. "Oh, it is finished," Mozart replies. "Up here," he says, pointing to his forehead. "The rest is just scribbling."

"And that’s our "genius" fantasy, isn’t it? Einstein, poring over dreary patent applications while working out the theory of relativity in his head. Mozart, taking musical dictation from God, as a pathologically envious Salieri imagines it in Amadeus. The perfect product is somehow out there in the ether, perfectly finished at the cosmic factory. We just have to find it -- the rest is just scribbling.

"But it rarely works that way. Maybe it never works that way. A creator may work at a white heat, but there’s a cold shadow by his side. Let's call the shadow "Revisor." Revisor has no first thoughts, only second thoughts. Revisor also has a terrible case of OCD. He's always asking the same question: could it be better?"
"Could it be better?" Of course it could. Everyone involved askes that question throughout a project. But assessing and defining the incremental amount of "betterness" versus the impacts on the budget and schedule of the project are sometimes non-trivial exercises.

The thing is, though, my frustration is usually only a short-term exasperation and actually can serve a purpose. It gives me something to whine about so people keep it in their head that we're managing schedule and effort/budget as well as the quality of the product. (Although when (usually) the tweaks come from the client side, I don't whine too loudly. Just enough to lay some subtle guilt on the "revisor" through hints that these are unexpected changes and that there is not necessarily zero impact -- unless, of course, they are so significant that a scope discussion is triggered.)

Actually, if the project is appropriately sold, and expectations are realistic, the classic project management dilemma of delivering top quality versus delivering profitably and on time rarely ever really kicks in if I've been able to set up the project with appropriate schedule risk buffers. But that's a subject I've touched on before, many times.

So, Mr. or Ms. Revisor -- revise on toward perfection. I'll let you know when you might be causing problems and have to start considering what's "good enough".

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

16 Design Tools for Prototyping and Wireframing -- From Sitepoint, an excellent summary of alternatives to the dreaded Visio, however, they leave out my favorite tool for quick-and-dirty work - Inspiration.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Test, Test, Test -- For those of you designing web assets to serve a purpose, how do you know which elements of your landing page, site, or emails are contributing to success in terms of your purpose? You could do basic A/B tests of different versions, but there are often too many bits involved to get a complete picture in a reasonable amount of time.

Another alternative, more efficient and effective approach is multi-variate testing, using what some folks call "design of experiments" and others call the "Taguchi methodology.

Jonathan Mendez - he who lives to test and improve web performance - has put together an excellent 4-part series about multi-variate testing. The series consists of:
Multivariate Testing Overview

Multivariate Testing - Test Design

Multivariate Element Selection - Strategy & Tactics

Multivariate Element Test Variations
Check it out.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

ZETA INTERACTIVE :: WHAT'S NEXT. -- I've joined a new company without changing jobs.

DigitalGrit, where I've been since 2004, has, along with it's sister companies at Adverb Media, been bought and combined with the e-mail house Zustek, to form Zeta Interactive, a really full service interactive marketing agency offering one-stop shopping for a unique set of services.

From the Zeta Interactive website:
"The company combines the talents and technologies of five interactive leaders to offer marketers complete solutions across all media and channels-from email and search marketing to creative, web development, business and branding intelligence, and more. Zeta Interactive is comprised of Zustek Corporation, an industry-renowned email communications leader, and Adverb Media, a holding company which includes under its umbrella DigitalGrit, a highly acclaimed direct response and search marketing firm, Temel, an award-winning brand strategy and creative agency, and RelevantNoise™, a ground-breaking technology firm dedicated to mining the social Internet for business intelligence."
Met our new CEO, Al DiGuido, yesterday in a kickoff presentation of his background and plans for Zeta. This is gonna be fun.

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