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Market Focus Offer Development

You sell products and services.

Your customers buy solutions to problems.

How many problems have you solved?

. . . and how valuable were they?

Work your customers' weak links and core problems for a new value proposition.

Some businesses (the lucky ones) have difficulty growing because they're constrained by internal capacity. Others have plenty of capacity, but not enough demand to make use of it.

If you're in the latter category, the problem could be one of three things.

1) Your offering doesn't solve enough valuable problems for your target markets.

2) You haven't been able to effectively communicate the real value of your offering to your markets. Or…

3) You attract plenty of prospects, but just can't seem to close the sale.

Before worrying about closing, you need a real value proposition that you can clearly communi-cate. These are the prime objectives of the Market Focus offer development process supported by Focused Performance.

"I know what my product is worth. Why don't my prospects see it?"

You've spent a lot of time developing your product or service. You've poured your heart and soul (not to mention time and money) into its design, its development, and its delivery. You're proud of what you offer — rightfully so.

So why can't those darn customers see what you see in it and willingly pay your price? Why aren't they knocking down the doors to get their hands on your better mousetrap?

Well, they'll happily part with their money if your offering solves real problems for them without creating other new problems. Maybe it's not your product. Maybe it's how you deliver it, how they pay for it, or other aspects of the offering that surrounds the specific product or service you think you're selling.

Or maybe with minor modifications (mere tweaks on the margins), your offering could be put in an attractive light for a new segment of the market. (After all, is there really $15,000 worth of material difference between a Lexus ES300 and a Toyota Camry?)

Two Sources of Value:
Weak Links and Core Problems

The same way that your business has a constraint blocking improved performance, so do your customers, as do their customers. If you can understand the constraints of your market chain, and if you can position your product or service to help deal with them, you've developed the ideal situation for selling value.

But sometimes the relationship between your product and their "weak link" is a bit tenuous. If that's the case, then you need an offer that contains "multiple warheads" for dealing with multiple problems, creating a multiplier of value for your market. The best focus for multiple solutions is a root cause core problem that you can attack for your customer.

The Market Focus Process

Focused Performance, using a philosophy of management known as the Theory of Constraints (TOC), and proven analytical Thinking Processes, can guide and facilitate the creation of a new value proposition for your business, and a plan to implement it in your market. The process will help you:

1) Identify problems of your market, its users, and its buyers, the solution for which would be clearly valued by your prospect.

2) Identify the core problem or constraint at the root of those costly problems.

3) Create a breakthrough linkage of your offering to their core problem, most likely based on rethinking policies or paradigms common to you and your competitors.

4) Clearly define how your solution leads to bottom line impact for the customer.

5) Create a plan for making this offer a reality (including necessary changes in your polices and operations) and salable (with both a script and the tools for improvisation to support the presentation of the offer).

Call today!

If you want to attract more business by creating (and selling) more value, take the first step and call Focused Performance at 908-874-8664 for a free assessment of your potential for a creative Market Focus offer.

Without changing our patterns of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems that we created with our current patterns of thought. - Albert Einstein

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