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Miscellaneous items of interest

FP's Listserv Postings - Frank Patrick is a regular participant on a variety of internet-based e-mail lists, newsgroups, and forums, including those devoted to Quality in Manufacturing and Services, Project Management, New Product Development, and Group Facilitation -- all areas that can be favorably impacted by application of the Theory of Constraints. Sometimes the heat of conversation on these lists leads to thoughts worth repeating (although a bit less formal than published articles or the more formal pages of this website). Click here to access an assortment of Frank's (slightly edited to protect the innocent) postings to these forums.

Unconstrained Quotes - We likes to collect quotations that apply to areas that TOC touches. (Along with some that don't.)

References and Readings - Beyond this website, there is a range of books and videos on TOC and its applications. This listing contains some that we think are worthwhile.

There is a correlation between the creative and the screwball, so we must suffer the screwball gladly. - Kingman Brewster

Any suggested links or online sources of related information are welcome via the comment page.

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