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Think you're too small for Strategic Planning?

Think you don't have the time for structured Problem-Solving?

Think you know where your business is going, or how it's growing?

Think again!

Sure, if you're the owner of a small (revenues of $2-10 million) or very small (under $2 million) business, you probably have a financially-focused business plan, but do you have a plan to address the hurdles that block your ability to achieve or even exceed the expectations on which that plan is based?

Do you have a truly clear view of what you can do to make a leap in performance in both customer service and, as a result, in financial results?

If not, then success will be as much a matter of luck as anything else. Are you comfortable with that?

Small and very small businesses probably have less margin for error than their larger customers and competitors. You have smaller cushions of cash. There are lower costs of entry for hungrier competitors. And you need to be sure that you get the biggest bang for the bucks invested in your limited resources to assure that the business not only stays alive, but thrives. Organizations that have applied solutions that focus on and manage constraints have had impressive results:

And these results were typically accomplished with processes that simplified the management requirements of the businesses involved. Increased business results with simplified management time and attention -- it sounds like just what the doctor ordered for small and very small businesses.

Why isn't it more commonly used?

The problem is, the idea of using an experienced (too often thought of as expensive) outside resource to help grow the business doesn't usually come to mind for those that benefit from it the most, usually due to issues of cash flow and limited time availability of owners and managers.

The solutions and processes offered by Focused Performance are easily scaled to the needs of small and very small businesses. Recognizing the value of unnecessarily lost benefits to this very important part of the economy, we have streamlined implementation approaches and developed various options for structuring the client/advisor relationship that will assure maximum results for minimum up-front investments of time and money on the part of small businesses.

Contact Focused Performance to arrange for a free initial assessment of the potentials for your business and what might be done to help achieve them. Be sure to ask about how the Caveat Venditor Offer could work for you.

Planning is an unnatural process; it is much more fun to do something. The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise, rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression. - Sir John Harvey-Jones

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