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The Second Question -
To What to Change to?

If common solutions and common practice have not helped so far, maybe answers to the question of "to what to change to" are hinted at in the world of uncommon sense:

  • The most powerful force for improvement is resistance to change.
  • Striving to meet task due dates is a major cause of late projects.
  • To get the most out of your operations, most resources need to be idle a significant amount of the time.
  • For most project organizations, it's often true that the later you start a project, the sooner it will finish.
  • The best way to assure your customers can get your product when they need it is to keep most of it as far from them in the supply chain as possible.
  • The weakest link of your value chain should be your strength.

Don't laugh. We're not kidding . . .

Many successful companies have discovered that the truths behind these concepts are at the core of breakthrough improvements in performance and profitability. They may seem to contradict common practice, but think about it . . . it's probably common practice that is at the root of many common problems you face today.

It's the unexamined assumptions buried in common paradigms that keep one stuck in the yo-yo world of systemic dilemmas.

Common views of improvement tend to focus on short term cost reduction or on incremental refinements within parts of an organization. Unlike these partial improvement efforts, TOC provides organizations with truly common sense solutions and methodologies that enable the parts of an organization to synchronize themselves around achieving the greatest benefit for the organization as a whole; to focus on global performance, rather than local performance.

If what to change are the exisiting but erroneous perceptions, paradigms, and assumptions, then to what to change to must start with their replacement. Replacement candidates have been developed for a range of common business functions, listed to the right. If the key concerns lie elsewhere, or in a mis- or un-aligned strategy of the organization, the TOC Thinking Processes provide a proven path to develop new directions for on-going performance.

In times of rapid change, experience is your worst enemy. - J. Paul Getty

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